What is travel insurance?

What is travel insurance?

Travel insurance covers you in the case of theft, cancellation or any emergency that may occur from a trip. Enjoy fantastic cover for a single trip or opt for an annual policy. Contact Ashgrove Insurance today. Be sure to give our friendly consultants all relevant information that pertains to you. This may range from any health conditions you may have or types of sports you will be participating in during your holiday or trip. Travel insurance is meant to cover you and your loved ones against any unforeseen incidents such as lost or stolen luggage or goods, cancellation of flights and medical costs if you should sustain any injuries.

Why do I need travel insurance?

It is no secret that when you travel, there is so much that is simply out of your control. If things should go wrong and you are without travel insurance, it may cause disruptions to your trip and can end up costing you dearly. This is why travel insurance is so important. Ashgrove Insurance offers comprehensive travel insurance plans such as death and disability cover, personal liability cover, luggage cover and emergency medical cover amongst other things. We provide cover for all ages, medical conditions and across every continent.

Wish I had travel insurance.

David and Beth were on their way to Brazil for the world-famous Carnival, and oh boy, were they excited! Every day of the trip was meticulously planned with events they simply had to attend, tourist attractions they had to see and even how much they budgeted for every meal and activity.

Landing at the airport in Rio de Janeiro, David turns to Beth: “Did you see my mobile phone? It was here a minute ago.” Beth and David turn the plane upside down but the mobile phone is nowhere to be found. Very quickly the idea of landing in sunshine Brazil turns into thoughts of overcast.

“Wish I had travel insurance,” Beth and David thought to themselves. Don’t get caught in the rain like Beth and Dave. Be smart and make informed decisions about travel insurance. As they say, regret always comes too late.

Do not despair as Ashgrove Insurance is here to help. Ashgrove Insurance is the number 1 insurance company and has countless happy customers that insured with them over the past 36 years. Ashgrove Insurance takes pride in its professional and friendly service and goes out of their way to ensure that clients get the best prices.