Tradesman insurance

With tradesman insurance being just as important as the tools you keep in your toolbox, it is important to know what it is, what it covers and how you can get the best deal on it. Tradesman insurance is offered in a number of different types and are usually provided by your insurance agent as a package.

The main part of that package is a core cover, Public Liability Insurance. Additional covers can be included as the tradesman needs and those may add to the premium. But the one core cover that every tradesman should understand is; Public and Products Liability Insurance. This covers you against claims made against you by the public against personal or property loss or damage. This is the biggest cost to your premium and the most important aspect of your policy.

Other covers for your tradesman liability insurance can include employer’s liability insurance; if you employ people and tools and equipment coverage to cover the loss or damage of your tools. You will also find contract works and materials cover and personal accident and sickness cover that can protect your business in emergency situations.

Expert Insurance for Tradesmen, In Minutes

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