Manufacturing Insurance that can ensure comprehensive protection for your business”.

Megan Robinson

We make sure the right choices have been made, when it comes to arranging manufacturing insurance

Just like the steps involved in making a product, insurance needs to be planned and designed in the early stages to be truly fit for purpose. Our experience tells us that providing the manufacturing industry with the right cover, requires a different approach to insurance accordingly, as it’s generally the case that every business is different.

We think the best way to identify these very specific requirements is a visit to your site for an assessment, from which we’ll work with you and our insurer partners to create cover designed for your assets, earnings and legal liabilities of your business.

Whilst standard policies can provide cover for a range of risks including:

  • Public and product liability
  • Business interruption cover
  • Cover for trade contents, machinery, plant and stock

With additional cover available, we’ll advise on what you need and what you don’t, as it may be a case that implementing a risk management strategy that could help mitigate the risks that you are unknowingly exposed to, could reduce the need of certain aspects of cover, and therefore premium.

Contact us today and see if we can beat your current quote, as well as making sure that you and your policy are working together!

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