At Ashgrove Insurance, we don’t believe in ‘one size fits all’ insurance. In the haulage business, this is particularly relevant, as no two businesses carry the same good on the same routes. Whilst also operating in an industry where the margins are thin and profitability has been hit by the rise in fuel prices and taxation. Then there is the foreign based competition and their access to cheap fuel. It’s a tough business.

The cost of insurance premiums is something you need to control and contain as much as possible and yet the claims cost can be very high if you’re involved in a major accident

Tailored haulage insurance with loads more benefits for carriers

That’s why we would work with you to arrange bespoke cover for hauliers that can include everything from carriage of hazardous goods to tanker haulage and abnormal loads. We can also look to implement risk management strategies that will help protect your assets and in the reduction in liability exposures. This enables insurers to recognise a well-managed fleet and so potentially provide lower premiums as a result.

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